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We are an academy with several sports, a new discovery in Nigerian sports development. Our academy is a sport organization that is majorly focused on grassroots sports development especially in the area of school sports. We are recognized and endorsed by local and international sports associations in Nigeria, Spain, Netherlands, Great Britain, USA and Sweden.

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Dynaspro Promotions

To give young people the opportunity to embrace other sports aside football, a weekend sports academy that will cater for events like athletics, table tennis, tennis, swimming, basketball and football debut this January, 2016 at the University of Lagos Sports Complex. The academy is the brainchild of one of Nigeria’s renowned school sports promoters, Oluseyi Oyebode, who is the immediate past head of sports at Greensprings School. The academy is aimed at bridging the gap created by the focus on football to the detriment of other sports. The need to ensure the growth of genuine grassroots sports development programs and ensure a solid sports foundation among our students necessitated this idea of the academy.

Our goal is to make it possible for kids of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the experience in Football, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis and Athletics by offering innovative solution for a wide variety of sporting experiences.

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