‘Trinity College wants to benefit from Dynaspro’s experience in sports’

January 31, 2024
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Principal of Trinity College, Ogun StateSunday Olajide has said that the school decided to partner Dynapro Promotions Limited in their bid to draw from their wealth of experience in sports.

Olajide stated that the school is yearning to grow its sports potential, adding that with Dynaspro on board, they are optimistic that the journey would be a smooth ride.

Dynaspro Promotions Limited is an organization that is majorly focused on grassroots and school sports. As an international school that is blessed with students from various parts of Nigeria and abroad, it will boost the image of the college through the influence and support services of local and foreign partners that Dynaspro is blessed with. One of such partners that Dynaspro is blessed with is FCV International Football Academy, the first British Private Football Academy in the United Kingdom. The partnership will avail our students the opportunities to develop their potentials and showcase their talents in various areas of sports,” he said.

On what inspired the partnership, he said: “The school will benefit from Dynaspro’s experience and support services which can lead to improved performance in competitive sport events. Access to specialized coaching training facilities and resources that can significantly enhance our students’ development in sports. Opportunities for scholarships, scouting and admissions into sport academies in countries of the world. Extensive networks of Dynaspro in the sports industry will provide students with the opportunities of having valuable connections to professional coaches and sport organisations. Partnering with a reputable sport organization like Dynaspro will enhance the overall reputation of our school through its media connections. Collaborating with Dynaspro will provide a structured pathway for talented students by increasing their chances of long-term success in their chosen sport.

He listed the school objectives for sports development include promoting physical fitness; provide avenue for students to exhibit their sporting talents as well as provide the pathways for further sports opportunities which is pursuing careers in sports related fields.

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