‘Dolphin Swimming League has improved our students at Grange’

February 16, 2024
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Head of Activities, Grange School, Lagos Okechukwu Obi has said that the Dolphin Swimming League has improved the performance of their students in major competitions.

With Grange hosting most of the tournament in season four, Obi said: “Participating in Dolphin Swimming League enables Grange swimmers and other swimmers to improve in the areas like skill improvement, training smarter and not harder, decreasing drag, improving your balance, making yourself as tall as possible in water, compact and efficient kick from swimmers, using core muscles to swim and anchoring your arms.”

On the impact of the tournament, he added: “Swimming is a vital, life-saving skill that is often learned at a young age. This is because drowning is a top cause of death among kids. However, did you know that swimming is a great activity for your kid’s development? Aside from teaching water safety and being a good form of exercise, swimming offers many school-related and mental benefits. For example, this sport can enhance cognition and social skills. Dolphin swimming league has had a great impact on Grangers.

“Social skills for infants are essential to help children develop body language, communicate, and form positive relationships. They play a key part in helping children learn how to act in social situations and make new friends.

“Students can gain social development skills, friendship skills and team-building skills by swimming with other children. This can help them feel part of a like-minded group where they can form relationships built on trust and safety.

“Some games and social skills activities for students require children to work together to reach a common goal, enabling them to learn the importance of teamwork. Sharing and taking turns as well as communicating achievements also help students learn sportsmanship, patience, fair play and self-discipline.

“During the dolphin swimming league, students are likely to interact with swimmers from other Schools and from various cultural backgrounds. This can help students learn how to be confident around all walks of life.”

For the organisers, he said: “It has not been easy for the organizers and some of its sponsors to look at the possibility of making the event a national or regional event. This can only happen if the ministry in charge of youths and sports steps in to assist the organisers in any way they are able to assist. Publicity and marketing are very key areas as well.”

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