‘Why we joined Dolphin Swimming League’

February 16, 2024
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The decision to join the Dolphin Swimming League was based on our resolve to allow our wards to match their counterparts from other schools in major competitions. These were the words of Sodiq Momodu of St Saviours school, Ikoyi while analysing their involvement in the first private inter-school swimming tournament.

“Our school got involved in the league so that our children will be able to measure up with their peers as a key expectation of a standard British school. This also makes up wholesome education in building a global child.

He added: “The league allows the children to showcase their potential in a competitive situation. It also helps in building great social skills amongst the children.

He however, lauded the organisers for their consistency and forthrightness, while looking forward to season five with a lot of improvement from the organisers.

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